Environmental Policy Statement

PRP are committed to:

  • environmentally responsible design and specification of our clients' buildings;
  • environmentally responsible day-to-day operation of the Practice and the buildings we occupy;
  • compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which we subscribe and which relate to our environmental aspects;
  • prevention of pollution from our offices and associated with our projects;
  • seeking continual improvement in our environmental performance.
  • meeting our Environmental Management System objectives and targets

We seek to promote the benefits of using environmentally benign materials and the adoption of energy efficient design. The Practice has policy guidelines for our projects covering the following issues, and we have an in-house team of environmental experts to support our design and technical teams.

General Principles

  • An integrated approach to design to ensure that the building fabric and services all work together to temper the conditions inside our clients' buildings.
  • An emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation wherever practicable.
  • Designing buildings that utilise passive solar design techniques.
  • Sensitivity to the natural features and microclimate of the site.
  • Rich landscaping of developments to protect and regenerate wildlife, and encourage biological diversity.

Reducing carbon emissions

  • Reducing carbon emissions below current Building Regulations requirements.
  • The use of low-energy, high-efficiency plant and fittings with responsive controls.
  • Where practicable, incorporating renewable sources of energy – or designing for their future inclusion – and considering the provision of community heating.
  • Specifying locally sourced materials which have low embodied energy in manufacture, where possible.
  • Considering the provision of cycle and pedestrian routes, cycle storage, car clubs and electric vehicles to reduce car dependence.

Conservation of resources and limiting pollution

  • Seeking opportunities to re-use materials or to use recycled materials and specifying materials that allow for future recycling.
  • Specifying timber from accredited sustainable sources and insulation materials with zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential.
  • Designing for buildability to reduce waste during construction, and consideration of waste and recycling strategies to minimise occupational waste.
  • Specifying fittings to minimise water use and considering rainwater re-use. Providing permeable surfaces in developments to reduce rainwater run-off.
  • Considering the potential for future flooding on the location of development.
  • Using non-toxic internal and external materials, components, finishes, preservatives and adhesives.

The Practice is a member of the Association for Environment Conscious Building and the UK Green Building Council. We aim to manage our own offices and activities to reduce adverse environmental impact, by using the following measures:

  • policies on reducing paper consumption that include double sided printing and photocopying;
  • recycling waste paper and consumables;
  • using heating, cooling and lighting systems as effectively as possible to save energy - we have carried out an energy audit of our offices, have policies in place to reduce energy use and are looking at purchasing 'green' electricity for our offices;
  • aiming to minimise the use of cars where practical - our offices are all well served by public transport and we provide shower facilities and secure bike racks to encourage staff and visitors to cycle;
  • using organic fair trade food and drink in all our offices.

We developed our environmental management procedures in line with this policy and ISO 14001 in order to achieve certification in May 2008.

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