Bai Dao Lake, Chongqing
Le Pang Resort, Bali
Pugacheva, St Petersburg
Kai Jiang, Wu Lu Kou
CTM, Chongqing

About Hotels, Resorts & Leisure

Whether we are designing a small, city boutique hotel or a multi-storey five star waterfront resort, we apply a rigorous and tenacious process to its design – considering the total experiential environment of each project and the impact it makes on its surroundings and its visitors.

We consider every minutiae of detail - from the building's architecture and environmental performance through to how people respond and interact with it - paying particular attention to the interior design, furnishings, artwork and ambience.

Our hotel clients also benefit from our tourism expertise, which ranges from designing tourist resorts, centres and marinas to conserving and restoring sites of historical importance. We work with clients to assess tourism demand and forecasting, and in turn develop sustainable tourism and social development plans.

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