Chobham Manor, Olympic Park
Hitchin Square, London
Haggerston West & Kingsland Estates, Hackney, London
Maiden Lane, King's Cross Central
Wayland House, Stockwell Park
New Lidcote and Cumnor, Stockwell Park
Oval Quarter, Lambeth
Watling Place, South Kilburn
Portobello Square, Kensington
Clapham Park, London

Regeneration Team

  • Brendan Kilpatrick
    Point of Contact

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    Based in London, Brendan Kilpatrick leads the largest group in the practice, which specialises in large scale urban regeneration and masterplanning. His group, is comprised of multi-disciplinary specialist teams covering urban design, landscape architecture, environmental sustainability and technical delivery and is uniquely placed to oversee and deliver projects.

    His expertise spans all forms of UK housing, including refurbishment and sheltered accommodation, with a special emphasis on social led urban regeneration schemes where mixed tenure, mixed density residential buildings and non-housing elements need to be integrated into sustainable neighbourhoods.

    He has extensive experience in design and build as a method of procurement both for refurbishment and new-build projects.

  • Frances Chaplin
    Point of Contact

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    Based in Manchester, Frances has over 20 years experience, specialising predominantly in public sector housing and healthcare projects.

    Her experience has enabled her to become one of the North West UK's leading authorities on work in the fields of housing regeneration and primary health care development for housing associations, major residential developers and healthcare trusts.

    She is responsible for the growth, strategic planning and management of the practice in the North West of the UK and continues to work directly with clients on a range of masterplanning, social housing and regeneration projects on large residential and mixed use schemes.

  • Richard Harvey
    Director (London)

    Richard is a Director in London Group 1. He joined PRP in 1999 after working for a small private practice specialising in listed building consents, barn conversions and self build / private developer housing. His work with PRP has been primarily focused around urban regeneration schemes ranging in scales from small infill site developments to large scale master planning.

    Many of the projects have incorporated varying elements including refurbishment and new build with increases density and mixture of tenure. The nature and variation of these projects means that he has a thorough understanding and experience of the issues and aspirations of residents, clients and developers.

  • Manisha Patel
    Director (London)

    Manisha has extensive experience in all forms of UK housing including social led, regeneration, mixed tenure, mixed use, sustainable communities and design for ethnically diverse communities, refurbishment and sheltered accommodation schemes.

    She also has extensive experience in preparing framework and outline masterplans, working for the HCA and others in delivering development proposals to market and in advising on procurement.

  • Bhupinder Singh Chawla
    Director (London)

    Bhupinder has extensive experience in housing and mixed use projects including large scale regeneration projects from their inception to their completion on site. These include a variety of projects for RSLs, private developers and local authorities.

    His skills include design, project management, technical design, resident and stakeholder consultation, within urban regeneration projects ranging in scale from small infill site developments to large scale master planning. He is experienced in the implementation of robust internal design, technical and project management procedures ensuring that projects are properly planned and resourced and financially viable.

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