PREP Archive

PREP Archive

Our series of PREP briefing notes, which are published throughout the year, give us the opportunity to publish thought leadership articles which present our views, concerns and predictions on relevant issues at that time.

Superdensity: Keeping management costs affordable

Issue 19 | February 2015

In recent history, the development industry has spent considerable resources on addressing the collective failure of management of tall buildings built in the 60s and 70s. We need to ensure that the current pressure to increase housing supply and maximise…

Will Connected Cars Rule in 2014?

Issue 18 | February 2014

Until recently, cars have had little access to social media or online applications in contrast to the connectivity of smart phones. Huge investment is now taking place in the so-called, 'connected car', the third fastest growing technological device…

Housing Standards Review – Challenge Panel Response

Issue 17 | September 2013

The publication of the Housing Standards Review consultation documents represents a milestone in a long-running campaign by many to rationalise the complex, overlapping and sometimes contradictory regulatory regime for the house building industry in…


Issue 15 | October 2012

If we are to meet the housing and care challenges of our ageing population, we need a broad strategic approach that acknowledges the full housing and care spectrum. We need to offer community-based solutions that can be tailored to meet the particular…

Summer Overheating in Dwellings

Issue 14 | September 2012

As a consequence of climate change the UK is predicted to experience heatwaves on a more regular occurrence. Overheating currently occurs in London an average 21 days a year, but it is likely to be 22-50 days a year by the 2020’s and 25-90 by the 2050’s.

Designing for our Changing Lifestyles

Issue 13 | July 2012

How can design address the changing needs of home owners? An article and a new film by PRP explore the issues.

The Government Construction Strategy

Issue 12 | May 2012

This is an ideal time to review the construction sector given the changes wrought by the current economic crisis. It is disappointing therefore that the Government ignored the Housing Sector which makes up just over a quarter of the UK construction…

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Issue 11 | March 2012

This PREP looks at how BIM can streamline the design process.

The Feed-in-Tariff and Green Deal Review

Issue 10 | December 2011

This PREP provides PRP's analyis of the Green Deal and the recent consultation on the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT).

PRP’s response to the National Planning Policy Framework

Issue 09 | October 2011

This PREP is a summary of PRP's consultation response to The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Change of use from commercial to residential

Issue 08 | July 2011

PRP welcomes any initiative that helps to resolve the growing shortfall in housing, however proposals for change of use from commercial to residential should be judged against a clear set of design and sustainability criteria.

Will the Private Rental Sector lead to a new housing paradigm?

Issue 07 | March 2011

Is the Private Rental Model merely a current trend, or will the market shift to a new paradigm where home-ownership is only available later in life for most of the UK population? Is the key to the equation ensuring return on investment?

The Localism Bill - PRP's Perspective

Issue 06 | January 2011

The Localism Bill is expected to become statute in November 2011 and is intended to change the relationship between communities and local Government. This PREP provides a summary of the key themes and suggests ways to respond and adapt to localism.

Looking Beyond the Cuts

Issue 05 | November 2010

In the recent general election, the single 'big idea' was localism. With the very real and increasing shortfall of housing numbers, together with the impact on affordability, we discuss the impact of a more localist approach.

Annual CIH, Harrogate: 22-24 June 2010

Issue 04 | June 2010

In the recent general election, the single 'big idea' was localism. With the very real and increasing shortfall of housing numbers, together with the impact on affordability, we discuss the impact of a more localist approach.

CIH South East Regional Conference: 2-4 March 2010

Issue 03 | March 2010

This PREP considers two key issues; firstly, how might we mitigate the environmental impact of our existing housing stock and the other, how we might stimulate institutional investment in the private rental sector, which accounts for a large part of…

PRP's Specialist Housing Conference

Issue 02 | November 2009

We are facing challenging times with increasing legislation being placed on the housing industry as a whole, a shortage of homes and a fast changing demographic. We have presented our thoughts on two distinct areas affected by the debate on providing…

CIH Conference: Harrogate 16-18 June

Issue 01 | June 2009

This briefing focuses on the practicality of maintaining a commitment to sustainability in the present market conditions. We have presented our thoughts on three distinct areas affected by the debate on Affordable Sustainability:

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